Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Art Mind Creative and Fun Learning Education Programme
In The Art Mind, we understand that young children want adults to listen to their thoughts and creative ideas while having fun too. Therefore, we are using our art and handicraft techniques to help the young children to express themselves and to be more confident in their daily decision-making.

How The Art Mind Creative and Fun Learning Education Programme can benefit the young children?

The Art Mind Creative and Fun Learning Education Programme is a personal art and handicraft educational class that teaches children aged 3+ up to 15 to appreciate arts and value their personality. We will be using 3 core important learning of the programme.
The children will get to learn some early history of arts in 5 minutes before they start their art class.
The children will get to learn basic art technique, colour toning & mixture and painting with their logical mind and creative skill.
Our experienced art teacher will be guiding the children and interacting with them throughout the session.

Done by a 4+ years old

Done by a 10 years old

Done by a 15 years old

Outlines of The Art Mind Creative and Fun Learning Education Programme

The Art Mind has identified some arts and handicraft activities for the children. The outline of the programme would be as follows:-

• Children will learn the basic skill of drawing in this level.
• Shapes, understanding about pattern and colours.
• Colouring chart with oil pastel and poster colour toning.

Beginner Book 1 to Book 6

• Children will learn to stabilise their drawing and coloring skill in book 1 to book 4.
• Children will be more independent to do their painting once they have reach book 5 and 6.

Intermidiate Book 1 to Book 6

In intermediate book 1 and 2 children will learn on:-
  •  Line
  •  Pattern
  •  Composition 
Book 3 and 4 children will learn on :-

  • Dimension
  • Mirroring
  • View & Angle
 Book 5 and 6 children will learn on:-

  • Scenery
  • Still life
  • Movement
They will be learning craft as well when they had completed each lesson. A mixture of art and craft will enhance their learning skill and knowing how to apply in art and craft.

We will be conducting a handicraft session once a month in order to evaluate the children's creativity. The handicraft can also be based on a project basis.

The programme will be divided acording on age group:-

   4+ and 5 years old (1 1/2 hour)
  6 to 8 years old (2 hour)
  9 to 15 years old (2 hour)

Duration will be 1 to 2 hours per lesson. (Depending on the capability of the child)

We need a minimum of 2 participants per class to kick start the art and handicraft session. Maximum will be at 6 participants per class for each art teacher. We will be giving a trial class for them to test their drawing and colouring skill so that the teacher can allocate them to the most appropriate class once they enrol into our Art Mind programme.
A classroom is to be arranged by the training centre and to ensure sufficient space to conduct the art & handicraft session.

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